If we want God to bless us


Thursday, May 6, is the annual National Day of Prayer. First, we need to thank God, our creator, the many blessings He has given us, the greatest of which is eternal life in heaven, if we repent of our sins and believe in Jesus, His son, who died on the cross for our sins. God tells us in His word, the Bible, in 2 Chronicles, 7:13-14, that when He sends problems or a pestilence among His people, if we, His people, will humble ourselves, and pray and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, then He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land. Now we have this COVID-19 disease, (pestilence), that we can blame somebody for, but ultimately God is in charge of everything, even this. He probably allowed it to happen because we are throwing God out of our lives, Bibles out of our schools and becoming more ungodly all the time, making things like abortion, (murder), etc., legal. If we want God to bless us and our country as He has so abundantly until now, we need to get on our knees, and ask God to forgive us and heal our land. Please pray for all of our government officials, military people, police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, etc., who work hard to protect us, pray for worldwide peace and healing from diseases, especially in the poorer countries of the world. For more information, go to nationaldayofprayer.org.


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