Letter to the Editor

Several years ago we had the good fortune to meet Donna Sinclair, who is now a candidate for the 18th District Washington State House of Representatives Position 2. As a long-time Clark County resident — with family ties that stretch back to the 19th century — Donna has always valued Clark County’s quality of life. She is a public historian, an educator at Washington State University Vancouver and serves on the Washougal School Board. She also knows what it takes to raise a family here and wants to ensure no one gets left behind.

Donna's biggest short-term concern is the pandemic’s crushing impact on families, students, labor, gig economy workers, the self-employed, essential workers, children, the elderly, vulnerable communities and small businesses. Donna believes effective and fair public policy assures everyone opportunity. As the state attempts to offer assistance, mitigate impacts and boost the economy, Donna knows we have to work together and without divisiveness or rigid partisanship. Working with businesses, government, nonprofits and educational institutions, Donna has demonstrated she has the ability to create effective, respectful collaboration.

In the next several legislative sessions, Donna foresees the need to be enormously creative and rational to produce legislation that positively impacts individuals, families, institutions and businesses. In addition, legislators will need to be nimble, daring and courageous in order to create and negotiate legislation to boost our struggling population and economy. Long term, Donna hopes to be able to address the multiple crises of housing affordability, massive unemployment, reduced state revenues, and unequal health care access. She understands what an incredible challenge this is, given the restraints of a legal requirement for a balanced state budget, but she believes in the value and the power of good government.

Donna is an extremely hard worker professionally and a tireless community volunteer. A former Army wife, she has the greatest respect for veterans and understands the sacrifices military families make every day. She believes in science, inclusiveness, quality education, honesty, civic responsibility and the importance of communicating transparently and often with constituents. Donna is a unique leader with multiple gifts our state desperately needs. We both know her well enough to guarantee she will represent us honorably and well. It would be hard to find a better representative to serve the people of the 18th District. Yet Donna Sinclair doesn’t fit into a box, so please do visit her website for more info. She’s truly one of Clark County’s amazing treasures. 

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