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My heart aches as I see people moving here to our small communities or those who have been educated in schools "teaching" a radical view of America — the only reason Aly Strappazon could write about "deep seated" white "privilege"/"fragility" and "definitions" that cropped up two seconds ago.  

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Clark County Fire District 3 is starting its annual budget process for 2021. This is a dynamic project for us this year due to the city of Battle Ground having annexed to the fire district. We thought our community would like to know how we develop the budget, and opportunities to participate.

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Aside from Culp having no leadership experience (he is a “police chief” with no officers), he raises other concerns. His Trumpian position on COVID-19 stands out. Countries that have successfully brought COVID-19 under control had serious, nationally led, shutdowns. We have had no national l…