Christmas tree hunting


7617 NE 119th St., Vancouver

Trees: Douglas Fir to 12 feet, Grand fir to 9 feet, Noble fir to 12 feet, Fraser fir to 10 feet, Nordmann up to 8 feet. Tabletop trees.

Prices: $51 and up. All trees are individually tagged and priced. Fresh cut trees available.

Hours: Open 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily beginning Fri., Nov. 2. Dec. 17-23, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Closed Dec. 24.

Extras:Saws, restrooms, coffee, hot chocolate, animal viewing, nativity scene, candy canes, hayrides, clean fields, graveled and lined parking are provided. Homemade crafts, wreaths and boughs for sale. Tree shaking and baling also offered. “Marriage-saving” tree stands sell for $23.95 and up. Free installation of tree stands after shaking.

Profile/Directions: This 40-acre farm has been in business since 1970. Additional information can be found on the farm’s website: thorntonstreeland. com, by calling (360) 573-8733, or by following us on Facebook.




31215 NE 40th Ave., La Center 

Hours: Dec 5 And 6th, Sat & Sun From 10-5.

Extras: Enjoy the farm’s cozy gift shop, theater cartoons & free refreshments. Great parking, saws, restroom, shake a bale. Cutting assistance as available. Please check facebook or call after dec. 5Th in case we close early this season. Please wear mask and stay 6’ apart from strangers while in the gift shop due to covid.

Trees: High quality wreaths, Douglas, Grands & Nobles $15-75.




42205 NE 256th Ave., Amboy

Trees: Noble Fir Trees 6- 20 ft & Up $50 Each, U-Cut. Potted 1- Gallon Trees $5 Ea, Local Pure Raw Honey $15 Quart, $10 Pint, Pull Caffe 2 Lbs Wood Roasted Coffee Beans $25, Organic Syrup $10, Organic Goats Milk Soap $3 Bar. 

Hours: Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10Am-6Pm & By Appointment.

Profile / Directions: This 20 Acre Tree Farm Owned & Operated By The Kramer Family. Please Follow & Like Us On Facebook. Website: Call Text: (360) 247-Tree(8733) Bob.

Extras: Family friendly farm. On site restrooms hand washing stations, saws, assistance cutting larger trees, help loading & twine provided. Santa’s deer & elk have been at the farm recently rubbing antlers on trees & grazing on pasture. While at our farm you may see the local wildlife, our mini heritage pasture pigs & turkeys. Merry christmas see you soon!”

Due to covid-19 please wear a mask at our farm & social distance while cutting a tree.




26500 NE 53rd Ave., Ridgefield • 360-887-4582

Trees: Douglas, Grand, Noble, Nordmann Firs. 

Prices: All trees for sale are tagged & priced in the field. Pre-cut trees are available. 

Hours: New this year! Opening before thanksgiving. Monday, 11/23/2020 - closing approx. 12/15. Closed thanksgiving day

Weekends - 8 a.M.- Dark;  weekdays - 10 a.M. - Dark

Extras: Family-Friendly Farm For Over 35 Years. Free Tree Shaking. Saws, Baling Shaking, Flocking, Restrooms, Candy Canes, Wreaths, Reindeer.  Gift Shop Closed; No Coffee Or Hot Chocolate.

Most Credit Cards Accepted. Exact Cash Only - Change, Rounded Up To Nearest Dollar, Will Be Donated To The Ridgefield Family Resource Center.

Profile/Directions: This 30-acre farm is located north of NE 259th St. between 50th and 72nd Ave., 2 mi. north of the Battle Ground Highway;

1 mi. west of Daybreak Bridge and .5 mi. east of Bethany Vineyard. Just west of the “big dip” crossing Mill Creek. When you get close, follow the signs.

Website:; email: 

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