Patriot Pest Management LLC provides homeowners with pest control


Patriot Pest Management LLC provides North Clark County and beyond with quality pest control services that are customized to a person’s home.

The business also works with Cascade Tree Works to provide tree and shrub health services to treat and prevent diseases. The most common treatment features preventative dormant sprays as well as soil dredge treatments.

Patriot Pest Management said the most common diseases they encounter are blight and issues affecting roots like laminated root rot.

Patriot Pest Management is owned by Eric and Carly Overholser. The husband and wife duo from the Pacific Northwest have over 20 years of combined experience in the pest control industry.

They gained experience in the industry as they worked through the ranks to secure management roles with corporations. The Overholsers decided to create Patriot Pest Management four years ago to provide a personal approach to their customers.

“I would say the most common job we perform are general pest preventative treatments, which cover spiders, house ants, wasps, rodents and more,” the Overholsers stated in an email. “Lately, we have had a huge increase in treatments for box elder beetles and brown marmorated stink bugs.”

Their mission is to create a pest-free environment in and around homes, while minimizing any negative impacts to the surrounding ecosystems. 

“Prior to providing any services, we must take into account adverse effects on non-targeted pests, wildlife, water sources and beneficial pollinators,” they said. “This is why we cannot have a ‘spray and pray’ mentality, but a truly tailored approach to get results and meet our customers’ needs.”

Patriot Pest Management uses what is known as integrated pest management that pays special attention to details in a home and the property’s environment. They utilize their knowledge to target pests to diagnose conducive situations, food sources, nesting habits and the life cycles of the pests.

Patriot Pest Management offers senior citizens and veterans with discounts on their services.

They can be contacted by phone at 360-723-0078. People can also request a quote online at