Letter to the editor: You can lead an ignorant person to information


Individuals worked into an emotional frenzy rarely think clearly. They usually cannot see beyond the lies they have been fed to accept the truth. The science and truth that could keep them healthy in the case of COVID-19. 

Have the agitating liars and mistruth makers shot themselves in the foot this time? Recently released data show this could very well be true. Triple the number of people in red dominated voting areas than in blue voting districts have succumbed to COVID-19.

These numbers lead me to ponder the culling of the herd theory. Some believe Mother Nature has her ways of having only the fittest survive. The sickly antelope lags behind the herd, becoming food for the lion. 

Are our bigger, more intelligent brains nature’s focus for culling the human herd? The human being lagging behind in vaccinations and safety protocols gets culled in the pandemic. You can lead an ignorant person to information, but you cannot make them think straight. Are they being culled?

Marjorie Casswell,



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