F*bombs, Boobs & Jesus: David Malcolm 1947 ~ 2024


Editor's note: Obituaries are written and approved by the family. 

David Malcolm, 77, born in National City, California, passed away on March 23, 2024, in Vancouver, Washington. He fought a long, hard battle with diabetes that took his right leg in 2020, but that did not slow him down. He was on his bionic leg in record time. A new fight was on to keep that left foot and leg in good shape, which turned out to be a challenge much larger than anyone could have expected and ultimately resulted in a very long eight-hour surgery in February that kept him away from home. He came home for 1 ½ days before he went back to PeaceHealth with Diana by his side, and it was the Malcolm family’s last goodbye. 

He was known for his sarcastic sense of humor, telling a fond story from days gone by and enjoying a good chicken enchilada made by his wife. David found great joy in a good game of 10,000 with friends and family, always cherishing those moments filled with love and laughter. 

He is survived by his wife of nearly 58 years, Diana; his daughter, Sherrie (who inherited his sarcastic sense of humor) and her husband John; his son, Matthew (who definitely got his Dad’s ability to build and fix anything) with his wife Vickie; and his two grandsons, Justin and John. David joins his parents, John and Barbara Malcolm, and his beloved son, David Lee Malcolm Jr. 

David was a regular in the pews at Trinity Baptist Church and had recently taken his talents to Grace Baptist Church, where he was just as likely to be struck by lighting as by the Holy Spirit, and maybe seen resting his eyes. 

Master of the F-bomb, admirer of God’s handiwork (in nature and, ahem, otherwise), and a follower of Jesus, David was a man of many loves, the greatest of those, was his wife Diana, or maybe it was “ice cream.” An outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed hunting, fishing and camping, he was also a craftsman of cozy beanie caps and clever plastic canvas slogans that often left people in stitches. 

He truly enjoyed music that was always turned up to 11, and now he’s probably arguing with the angels about turning down the harp music. 

A celebration of David’s life will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 27, at Grace Baptist Church, 9400 NE 50th Ave., Vancouver, Washington. After we’ve all had a good laugh and most likely some tears, there will be food, drinks and a chance to share all the stories that David left us with. There are plenty. So please come join his family and celebrate a life that was best known for F-bombs, a fondness for boobs, a smile and an extra helping of enchiladas.