Letter to the editor: Where has Jaime been?


Lo and Behold: With perfect timing Jaime Herrera Beutler, after months of silence, and inaction, has a full page spread touting her calculated visit to our southern border. Suddenly, just before election season, she wants voters to believe that she cares about the invasion of illegals into our country, drug trafficking and the defunding and vilification of law enforcement. Where has Jaime been? Why all the worry about Washington state laws when she cannot even make things happen in her elected position in Congress?

She is a one pony show, namely for her favorite mother and children bills. She works for the swamp and has always been a RINO. There is no counting on her vote on any conservative issue or in support of her colleagues. She did nothing to support our 45th president when he needed it most and indeed condemned him. Now look at the mess we are in with this feckless administration. Maybe she is happy with it. There is no daylight between Jaime, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Tax and spend and never walking the talk. And when did she ever stand up to the terrible policies in Olympia? Words and no action are her trademark.

We would be better off with another liberal in Congress than her. At least we know for sure where their loyalty lies.

Mimi Kimbrough, Vancouver


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