Letter to the editor: Weight of individual rights, freedom of choice became too burdensome


Our American legacy is family, faith, freedom and is the inheritance of every person born here. It is God, our creator, who endowed us with certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, even though that often means individuals will squander their free will, life and blessing. 

It ought to offend and concern each of us the coercion and limits placed on those exercising the sovereignty over their own bodies not to take the jab, or worse, threatening and taking away the livelihoods from working men and women who just might be your family, friends and neighbors. 

The narrative we have endured for the past two years is to have us focus on death and trauma, rather than giving any air to a diversity of voices, opinions, ideals and opportunities. 

In addition to the trauma narrative, people are taking the astounding position that Americans must be compelled and harangued to do the “patriotic” thing and surrender their personal autonomy and moral independence in exchange for collective misery. 

As a nation, we have endured many tribulations and have never stooped to this level of life-limiting and rights restricting mandates. 

I guess the weight of individual rights and freedom of choice became too burdensome for those who currently hold and wield power.

Tana Aichele / Ridgefield 


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