Letter to the editor: Vote for Dennis Hill for La Center City Council Position 2


When thinking about a candidate running for office, one of the first questions I have is about their qualifications for the job. My vote will go for the most qualified candidate as that person will be the best equipped to handle the demands of the office. The primary consideration is how the person’s past experience has prepared them. I want a candidate who has a deep understanding of the problems and issues they will confront in office and one who has specific ideas of how to solve them.

Clearly, the best qualified candidate for the La Center City Council Position 2 is Dennis Hill. I have known and respected Dennis for nine years as a neighbor. During most of that time, he has served on the La Center Planning Commission. Some of those meetings lasted until midnight as they worked out a vision for what La Center will become in the future. Their goal was to create an overall plan for quality development at the Interstate 5 junction while preserving the downtown small town charm of our community that drew many of us to live here. We are beginning to see these efforts pay off with the imminent groundbreaking for a hotel at the junction with more than 100 rooms, a convenience store, a drive-thru restaurant, 11 retail stores and a gas station.

His position on the planning commission was as a volunteer. For the hundreds of hours Dennis put in, he received no compensation. He did it because of his love for La Center. In December 2020, Dennis was elected to fill a vacancy on the city council. I have seen him at council meetings actively participating with good ideas and always acting with the best interests of his fellow citizens in mind. He has been a good steward of the taxpayer’s money and will ensure that La Center has the best possible law enforcement it can afford. As in the past, Dennis has volunteered to serve as the La Center representative to C-TRAN, another unpaid position. Fortunately, he is retired and can thus spend much of his time working on our behalf.

Let’s put all that experience and dedication to work for us by voting for Dennis Hill for La Center City Council Position 2.

Jack Davis, La Center


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