Letter to the editor: Troy will be a respectful, engaging council member


Battle Ground has an easy choice when it comes to the election for city council position 1.

On one hand, we have Troy McCoy. Troy has lived in Battle Ground for almost two decades. Him and his wife, a public school teacher, raised their children here. He owns a small business in Battle Ground. Troy has spent the past four years serving on the Battle Ground School Board, engaging his community in meaningful ways, seeking to bring opposing factions together and to truly represent his entire community in his public service — this is how I met him. Troy listened to and validated my concerns about Battle Ground schools, and gave me much insight into the process and his genuine care for Battle Ground. He’s a true leader.

On the other hand, we have his opponent, the incumbent. A man who has spent the past several weeks seeking to capitalize on partisan divisions by trying to pass laws that he knows the city has no power to pass. A man who was recently caught publicly berating a woman — a council-appointed volunteer to the parks board — in her efforts to restore city parks; a man who clearly cannot control his anger. A man who has never once responded to my emails to the city councilors, or tried to engage citizens who don’t think exactly like him.

Which will it be Battle Ground? There is clearly only one candidate worthy of the role. Troy will work on problems that a city should be focusing on, like infrastructure and bringing true family wage jobs to our town. Troy will be a respectful, engaging council member, and listen to everyone in this community who wants to be heard.

The choice will be telling as to what kind of community Battle Ground truly is, at its heart.

Michelle Yenderrozos, Battle Ground


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