Letter to the editor: Time has come for good democracy-loving people to aid their country


Those alive in the World War II years, or who remember their history lessons, will recall when we were an anti-fascist country, when the whole country pulled together to defeat fascism. We rationed, knitted socks and collected blankets for soldiers on the battlefield. Children collected scrap metal for the war effort. Women who had never worked outside the home before filled factory jobs.  But those fascists were outside our borders, not right here at home.

We have always had far right-wing groups that want to ascend to power, but what we see today is serious cause for worry. People of authority flaunt the law. Instead of condemning right-wing fascist actions, too many of those sworn to uphold our democracy, elected officials, ignore or even applaud these threats to democracy.

These fascists want dictatorial power, absolute authority, and ultranationalism. They oppress opposition and demand absolute obedience. They will tell you what you can read, what children can learn, who has what rights to personal health care. Alfred E. Neuman said, “What me worry?” You are damned right I am worried and you should be too. The time has come for all good democracy-loving people to come to the aid of their country.

Marjorie Casswell, 



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  • liberalsbane

    Let me assume that any challenge to the managed society favored by todays "woke" Marxist Left satisfies your definition of fascism. Is it your intent that these critics should be muzzled? Evidently any departure from revelation so final is to be viewed as criminal, right?

    Wednesday, April 13 Report this