Letter to the editor: People of  Clark County deserve better


The actions of Clark County Councilors Bowerman, Medvigy and Rylander continue the embarrassment of self-serving behavior that has plagued our county for too many years.  Thank you Janet Landesberg for taking legal action against this blatant disrespect for our democratic process.

If one member of our county council failed to grasp the principles of the democratic process that developed the new district maps, we could assume ignorance on that individual’s part, especially if that wrongdoing was committed by a newbie.  But when three gang up to violate the wishes of the people, we must conclude selfish collusion.

We have no way of knowing today how the courts will rule.  A decision could take months, even years.  Meanwhile this carpetbagging threesome continues to flaunt the will of the people to their own ends.

The people of Clark County deserve better.  We deserve and need representatives who will listen to the people, honor and support our process of input to their decisions.  Since these three seem clearly to have their own agenda, is it time for a three-way recall?

Marjorie Casswell, 



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