Letter to the editor: Our wrestlers deserve the same opportunity


I am so disappointed in Gary Medvigy’s performance at the Clark County Board of Health meeting on Dec. 21 when he did not speak out against Clark County Public Health Director Alan Melnick and his ludicrous recommendation to shut down wrestling in Clark County. The wrestlers in the rest of the state aren’t affected by this unconstitutional tyranny. Here we have a situation where a single unelected county public health bureaucrat exerts power to negatively affect future opportunities for Clark County wrestlers, which is all out of proportion to any possible risk these teens face from COVID-19. The Washington State Department of Health recommends isolating the wrestlers who are COVID positive and isolating close contacts. What part of that health recommendation sounds like shutting down the rest of the wrestling season? Does Medvigy understand how unfair this is to the wrestlers in Clark County? Does he understand that the athletes, parents, and coaches need him to exert his authority on the Clark County Council to make a more reasonable decision instead of this latest overreaction that does more harm than good?

I see on Facebook that Gary Medvigy will “defend our constitutional rights.” If that is true, then he’ll stand up for medical freedom and defend Clark County wrestlers against this recommendation by an unelected county official which infringes on their rights. It’s now time for him to make the decision that our wrestlers deserve the same opportunity as wrestlers in the rest of the state.

Liz Rondeau,



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