Letter to the editor: Nobody who worked for Trump had a complaint


I would like to make a comment to Jane Sturm, of Battle Ground, who said in a letter to the editor, “As a Republican, I sold my soul.” First, I would like her to tell me what presidents before Trump did for my country in eight years or 47 years, what President Trump did for this county in four years.

In my next opinion, when tough questions are asked of President Biden, he turns his back and mumbles, “that’s all” or the infamous, “come on, man.” Most of our presidents before Trump were either lawyers or career politicians (47 years in Biden’s case) who have never built anything or run a company.

Mr. Trump built buildings and golf courses. During his four years as president, nobody that worked for him had a complaint. Previous presidents, Republican or Democrat, would give positions to friends or to those who helped elect them, whether they knew the job or not. President Bush Jr. hired a guy for Homeland Security and five days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, he was fired because he had no idea what to do.

President Biden nominated for ATF a senator who when asked, “what is an assault weapon” after 30 seconds had no answer. People complained in President Trump’s first year that there were 145 unfilled jobs after four years. The country was running fine without them. If you work for President Trump, you have a job for life, but if you don’t work then you’re out the door.

I would like Jane to get her head out of the sand and read for three months the “Epoch” newspaper that comes out once a week on Wednesdays. It has five sections and tells the truth; something Jane does not want to hear.


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