Letter to the editor: Let’s work toward a world where no child lacks access to quality health care


Today, 15,000 children will die before reaching their fifth birthday. 

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden does not take the lives of these children and others who still lack access to adequate health care seriously enough. President Biden, in his proposed budget, has decreased funding in many important areas including USAID tuberculosis, nutrition, maternal and child health that could prevent these deaths. In addition, USAID greatly improves the economic growth and stability of nations across the world, which in turn advances American prosperity and security. 

Luckily, Congress has the ability to make changes to this budget. We urge Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell to be more ambitious and increase global health appropriations such as these, so that we can prevent Biden’s funding decreases from being enacted by Congress. We request $1 billion funding for USAID tuberculosis, $300 million for USAID nutrition and $1.012 billion funding for USAID maternal and child health. 

As citizens of Battle Ground, we can make a difference in decreasing the number of preventable deaths and work toward a world in which no child lacks access to quality health care.

Helen Rossmiller, 

Battle Ground


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  • liberalsbane

    Every American has "access" to quality health care. Every American does not have access to quality health insurance which is the key to care. Why not?

    Because there is a federal law on the books which prohibits interstate commerce in health insurance. You get such laws by spending lots of money on lawmakers who can be bought and sold and then do as you ask. This limits the number of health insurance vendors in your state and makes a true free market impossible. Free markets encourage competition between vendors who must then offer the greatest number of services at the lowest possible price, putting the consumer in the driver's seat. Competition invariably results in lower prices and the greatest amount of service. Think about the fact that other forms of insurance we pay with little complaint and ask yourself what would happen to those prices if competition were disallowed there.

    If you really want children to have access to quality medical care, work to repeal the federal law limiting competition between health insurance vendors. Your appeal to humanism is not an answer to the problem.

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