Letter to the editor: Let’s send Joe Kent to Washington


I have one name to show Rick Hauser how little he knows about today’s political life in Washington, D.C. That name is Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez (AOC). She brushed aside a veteran member of Congress with her youth and inexperience and won his seat in New York. AOC doesn’t seem to care what Nancy Pelosi thinks of her or her actions. While I will never agree with her politics or views, she has been heard over and over again. I also read Erin Van Natta’s letter to the editor which was published by The Reflector and was so impressed with her thoughtful dialogue and writing skills. It was a job well done. I am not sure why Mr. Hauser felt the need to discourage Erin from expressing her political views. But I was impressed that such a young person gave enough thought about her community to speak up. We all need to speak up and encourage our youth to be involved in politics.

Rick Hauser is asking the people of Washington to vote for the same old politician that parks themselves in Washington and never understands the people they represent. Jaime Herrera Beulter needs to go and a newcomer like Joe Kent will be a breath of fresh air for the people of Washington state. So when Mr. Hauser explains Joe Kent will not be able to get anything done or even have Kevin McCarthy listen to him, I challenge him with one name: AOC. Joe Kent could be our AOC and fight for the Republican people who want to see Washington, D.C. change, and to change for the better. We need term limits on all people working for our government. We deserve better.

Let’s send Joe Kent to Washington and give him a chance to prove to us what he can do. We know what Ms. Herrera Beulter has done and it is time for her to move on. The people of Southwest Washington do not need a law degree to decide who they feel is best for our community.

Helene Sulitzer / Woodland


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