Letter to the editor: In a progressively left nation, all life does not matter


You are right, progressives. This nation is systemically racist.

The latest incident involves a pregnant nurse that finished a 12-hour shift in New York City and just wanted to get home. Paying for her bike rental, she was about to leave when five teens surrounded her. They wanted the bike, but she wouldn’t relinquish it as she yelled for help.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump claimed she was trying to steal the bike from a young Black man and that she “weaponized her tears to paint this man as a threat.”

He has since deleted his tweet, but the damage was done. Many on social media chimed in with their hatreds, calling her a Karen, racist or white supremacist.

She is now in hiding after receiving death threats and was placed on leave by the hospital, though she has receipts showing the rental.

When it comes to race, are we now guilty until proven innocent? I hope she gets her job back soon. This woman helps people, but her life will never be the same. Does not all life matter? Apparently, in this nation that grows progressively left, it does not.

Roy Schimelpfenig,