Letter to the editor: Conservative voices often silenced


Exhausted over the phony righteous indignation of people’s reaction to the State of the Union? No more exhausted than half of the American citizens are over that lack of curiosity and true journalistic investigation. The latest example is the so-called outrage with the new Georgia voting law. It’s one thing to mouth voter suppression and another to articulate exactly what suppression? Our most precious right and voter ID is called suppression. Where is the journalistic curiosity over the Democrats suggesting 16 year olds, felons and even non-citizens be allowed to vote? Ignoring these important issues without fair reporting leaves many to speculate and assume. Another is the border. Where is the intense questioning on the cause of the massive crisis taking place at the border? When Trump was president it was becoming more and more under control. The media gleefully (enthusiastically) reported the inhumane holding of children in cages. But now? Where is the questioning of Biden’s campaign promises to illegals? Allowing illegals in and dispersing them throughout our country with many being held in close contact with coronavirus infected people. Another is the ANTIFA and BLM rioters taking possession of many of our major cities. Where is the outrage of Democrats calling these mostly peaceful protests? All too eager to label MAGA protesters as violent when they react to the lack of security in our streets. BLM only? Where is the fair questioning? Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. Native American lives matter. Middle easterners’ lives matter. Starting to look like all lives matter. The media is more than happy to spread the narrative that white people are the cause of all sin. I am becoming tired and exhausted of being accused of things I am not guilty of when conservative voices are shut down by force in many cases. At the invitation of people like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. The media has accommodated them. No asking them if they had any culpability. When the left and its accomplices in the media shutdown conversation of opposing views with false and unfair slander it leaves very little alternatives. I say secure the border, the media calls it racist. I would ask if you could understand why we are so divided but you know the answer. Bring back fair and unbiased reporting.


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