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I want to talk to you young men out there for a minute. Patrick Henry may or may not have said, "give me liberty, or give me death!" It's a good story, and might be true. He was a great man. He's dead now. Words didn't help him.

Arrogant talk show hosts on the radio, left, right or purple, can't change reality. I don't care how funny or cool they are. You need to protect yourself and yours. It's your job. If scientists think there is even a 1 percent chance that wearing a mask in public will keep your family alive, you know what you need to do. Suck it up for a little while longer and wear that spit cover.

You already wear that tie you hate, so what's the difference? Work, church, whatever. You hate the tie, I hate the tie. She likes the tie. You don't do it for yourself. You do it for *them.* You keep it real for *her.*

Politicians lie. Politicians think truth is what they can get away with. Sometimes they can twist reality itself and make truth seem plastic, strange and unpredictable. COVID-19 is a disease. COVID eats politicians for breakfast. You don't wear a mask for politicians. You wear it because of that slim chance that scientists are right, and you don't want to kill your loved ones.

I don't care if you think God made reality, or if you think there is a Mother Nature. I don't care if you think this is some kind of rainbow-unicorn computer game. With a disease like COVID-19, reality gets to be right. Death gets to be the boss. Your boss isn't the boss. You aren't the boss. There is nobody higher than our enemy to bargain with. There are no fancy words that let you hide for a while.

Now is the time. You are the hero. Wear the stupid mask. Protect your house.


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You worry about your family and I’ll worry about mine. The fact that you seem to be unable to do a rational risk assessment does not give you or the government any authority over how I comport myself. There is no virtue in wearing a mask — that is specifically denied by the manufacturer to confer any protection against Corona type viruses — to protect me from disease the you probably don’t have or to protect you from a disease that I certainly don’t have. A disease for which most people have to be tested to even know that they have it, and for which for that minority that becomes symptomatic as more than a 98% survival rate unless compounded with comorbidities and risk factors that most of the population do not have. Meanwhile, people are showing up the emergency room with upper respiratory tract infections caused by excessive mask use. Asthmatics are having to rely more heavily on their steroids because of masks, which leads to all sorts of unpleasant and unnecessary side effects. By all means, take care of grandma and exercise appropriate care to keep her away from the disease. By all means, take whatever precautions you feel are personally necessary to protect you from the virus. But as Americans, we are all ultimately personally responsible for our own well-being, and I don’t need ignorant fear mongers more interested in virtue signaling than actually solving a problem to tell me what I should and shouldn’t wear in public. If you are serious about public health, we would ban tobacco products altogether, and get people to stop riding in cars. You risk assessment is ridiculous, your fear mongering is unwelcome and your virtue signaling benefits nobody but you.

W Roberts

"There is no virtue in wearing a mask"

Hospitals in many areas are FULL, turning people away because they are overrun with COVID patients. How do you not see that as a problem? The non-partisan CDC has said masks slow the spread and actually DO protect the wearer to some degree, but mostly they protect others from you spreading it.

"Meanwhile, people are showing up the emergency room with upper respiratory tract infections caused by excessive mask use."

No they are not. You may be thinking of N95 masks but that's not what the CDC is asking people to wear.

"If you are serious about public health, we would ban tobacco products altogether, and get people to stop riding in cars."

Smoking is something that's in the individual's power to control. It's a lot easier to avoid a smoker than an asymptomatic COVID spreader.. And maybe you've noticed the seatbelt campaign happening on TV and social media ads because many geniuses out there still don't wear them.

You need to start giving a d*mn about others and stop thinking about yourself and "muh rights" with respect to this pandemic. The death rate in this country is WAY higher this year because of careless people who won't consider others.


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