Letter to the editor

Wild salmon destruction took place many years ago.

While we are trying different approaches, fish keep leaving. Plainly the lack of diversity caused from netting has been the reason. What is wrong with us? How did the perceptions that are so far from real get started?  

We once had sustaining runs with dams and environment not that different. So, we commercially harvested like pirates. Harvesting went so well we killed off any chance of future fish. Fact is no matter what we do from here on is wasting time and money on things wild salmon can’t provide. 

The netters who killed our fish now say the environment and culverts destroyed the runs then demand blowing out dams. Never do they mention how they destroyed wild salmon and created myths based solely into smoke-screened illusions.

Wild salmon in the federal plan no longer have enough foundation to provide us. They took so many families of fish, man caused extinction. We are being taken into the valley of death each time a net is used. 

Lacking recovery shows we can be fools nearing bat crazy stuck on stubborn while nets are still killing.

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