Tom Regan

Tom Regan

Editor’s Note: Reader Tom Regan asked to write this guest commentary in response to a previous column by Reflector columnist Brian Mittge, who was critical of Donald Trump. The Reflector’s Opinion pages are open to all. Requests for guest commentaries can be sent to Letters to the editor, which should be limited to 500 words or less, can be sent to

A few years back there was a rabbi, a Hindu priest and a congressman traveling together through Nebraska.  

Seeking lodging for the night, they discovered the hotels were completely full because of a convention that was in town. They decided to knock on a farmer’s door to see if they could sleep in the barn. The farmer said, “sure, help yourselves.” Ten minutes later, the rabbi came knocking on the farmer's door and said, “I can’t sleep in the barn because you have a pig in there and that’s against my religion.” The farmer said “OK, you can have the upstairs bedroom.” Ten minutes after that, the Hindu priest came knocking and said, “I can’t sleep in the barn because you have a cow in there and that’s against my religion.” The farmer said, “OK you can have the other bedroom, now good night.”   

Ten minutes later there was another knock on the back door. Getting really irritated, the farmer furiously opened the door, and there stood the cow and the pig.

I relate this joke because I too share the same sentiments as the cow and the pig — total disgust for congress, especially this bunch that is currently in Washington D.C. 

By the time you read this, former president Donald Trump will have been impeached again and probably convicted. Why? Because they can. They have the majority.  

They say he incited a riot, encouraging people to tear through the Capitol building and destroy things. People died on both sides. Have you taken a ride through downtown Portland lately?  

You can cross it off the list of major American cities. It’s done. Put a fork in it.  

No one in their right mind would start a business in Portland. You might as well change the name to Plywoodville or Fecesland. Same with Seattle, New York City, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Louisville and on and on.  

All were destroyed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists, except those riots were approved by the Democratic mayors that controlled them.  

Heck, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler even joined sides with the rioters. This selective enforcement of the law only makes the law irrelevant and a joke. I say to Congress, “How does it feel?”  

You gave tacit approval for the riots all summer, and now you are shocked rioters ransacked the Capitol building?  

To be sure, Trump has a lot of character flaws. I mean a lot of character flaws. He is full of pride, arrogance, abrasiveness and for a sophisticated billionaire from NYC, he talks like a truck driver.  

But he is also not a politician, which is why I like him. 

Like one guy said, he swings through D.C. like King Kong, destroying everything in his path. He clearly loves America, and this is important. The other western democracies are too small to stand against an aggressive Russia and Communist China.   

Remember when Obama said “those jobs are gone and they are not coming back.” Trump brought them back. Obama said “you didn’t build that.” Trump said let them keep some of their own money and they can build anything.   

Trump enabled the fracking industry, and now our price of gas is among the lowest ever. We even export oil and gas. By lowering the price of oil, Trump has cut off Iran and Russia at the knees. They don’t have the money to finance terrorism throughout the world, except for the money that Obama gave them in pallet loads. Remember that?  

Prior to COVID-19, Black and Hispanic unemployment was the lowest ever. Four million people left the food stamp rolls. The stock market has been on a tear. How did he do this? By letting us keep more of our own money.  

He defeated ISIS and is pulling us out of Afghanistan. He built 450 miles of border wall to slow down illegal immigration. He negotiated new trade deals with the rest of the world that benefited us and not them. He exposed the danger of Communist China. 

Trump is the best pro-life President, bar none. I have a question for you. If Black Lives Matter, then why is there abortion? If science is settled about global warming, then what does science say about a woman who is pregnant? Is she carrying a human being or not? Why do we condemn innocent babies to death and then free guilty murderers? What does the science say about changing your sex based upon your feelings? Or your skin color based upon how you wish to identify? Or don’t chromosomes matter anymore? 

I don’t write these things to provoke or insult anyone but they are legitimate questions. The answer is that we were never given the right to decide these matters. Only God has this right, not mankind. 

In the meantime, I prefer to sleep with the cow and the pig.


Tom Regan was born in New York City and has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 46 years. He’s a former Southwest Washington business owner. 

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Mr. Regan, here are quotes from Wikipedia:

"The Proud Boys is a far-right, neo-fascist, and male-only white nationalist organization that promotes and engages in political violence in the United States and Canada."

"The Proud Boys have been active for several years in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Starting in September 2017 and continuing into 2018, the Proud Boys participated in several rallies organized by Patriot Prayer in Portland, Oregon, and nearby Vancouver, Washington. Scenes of violence from one of these rallies was turned into a sizzle reel for the Proud Boys and was circulated on social media. Violence erupted at two events in June 2018, leaving five people hospitalized after the far-right march on June 30 devolved into a riot in downtown Portland."

"On January 6, 2021, many members of the Proud Boys participated in the storming of the United States Capitol building, where some members of the group appeared wearing orange hats."

I could quote similar content from a multitude of other sources.


There is no such thing as Antifa. It was wholly made up by the right to explain why the white supremest got their butts kicked by Patriotic Americans that are tired of their racist BS. I dare you Mr. Regan to show me one thing written before Charlottesville that mentions Antifa. You have drunken the kool aid of the far right.


Russ, It's irrelevant if Antifa existed before Charlottesville. The fact is Antifa is a reality, just look at downtown Portland. I'm a little puzzled, who are these white supremacists(other than the three remaining KKK members)? What is the racist BS you talk about? Need examples. I'm sure there are hundreds of them.


Mr. Regan, I see from your "Mr. Spock" comment that you have a sense of humor. God bless you.

You ask why Americans are divided, even though we're among the most fortunate people on Earth. It's illogical, captain.

Your president has sown more division than anyone in recent times. He's used the centuries-old strategy of "divide and conquer" to gain power. The British Empire colonized India by setting Hindus against Muslims. In Ireland, it was Protestants vs. Catholics.

In his efforts to set Americans against one another, your president vilified immigrants, calling them "criminals" and "rapists." I took offense as my forebears left Europe and settled in the Pacific Northwest, so they could practice their faith.

Your president's claims about immigrants are not only unethical, they're factually false. The crime rate among immigrants, documented and not, is lower than the native-born populace (sources: Cato Institute, National Academy of Sciences).

Being in this country without immigration documents is not a criminal offense. It's a civil matter (source: Immigration authorities have chosen to pursue cases in civil courts, because they don't have to provide lawyers to those who can't afford them, which is required in criminal courts. 'Illegal immigrant' is a nonsense phrase.

Your president encouraged division by repeating the lie that the 2020 election was fraudulent. The 2020 election was "the most secure in American history" (source: Department of Homeland Security).

Your ruler broadened the rich/poor divide. Eighty percent of the benefits of his tax cuts go to the top 1% (source: House Committee on the Budget).

You're right about the "greatest good for the greatest number." For that ethical deduction to make sense, one first has to define what is "good." Now you know why I'm preoccupied with defining terms, using Merriam-Webster.

I disagree with the premise that "we can have morals w/o a higher power but they are lousy morals." I believe logic is the best foundation for moral principles.

Logic can be used to prove the existence of God, as set forth in a proof written by mathematician Kurt Gödel.

Live long and prosper.


Spock: I can see that you have the TDS really bad from Planet BS. I will have to employ the Vulcan mind meld on you. Hold still as I place my fingers on your head and read your thoughts over the internet. Oh yes, here it comes, plain as day. First let me clear away your 'Hilary in 2024' ideas and get past 'Socialism is really cool, it should work this time' dreams. The British colonized India by setting Muslim against Hindus? That's kind of racist, implying they are too stupid and were easily manipulated by the white British. Its really out there. Have you been listening to the Qanon of the Left? Better known as CNN? So the Irish Protestants were good buddies with the Catholics and then the Brits stirred them up? Is that it? I'm sure that Martin Luther fellow had nothing to do with it. Lets forget about Trump for a while and lets center on the last part of your letter. "Logic is the best foundation for moral principles" statement. As you know the 10 commandments is the foundation for western law and not logic. It was handed down to Moses from God. How is it that mankind is 'Home religioso' that is even the guys in the jungle always have some kind of God that they worship.. Obviously there is a God, all you have to do is walk outside and look up. The Bid Bang? What was the outside force that made the Big Bang go Bang? How does one create life from non-life? The only question that remains is, what is his name? OK I'm releasing you to your own thoughts and for Petes sake, stop watching NBC. Kirk Out.


Mr. Regan, I use Merriam-Webster as an authority on the meaning and usage of words, not as a guide to morality.

You wrote of your belief in God and scripture as guides to ethics. You're a man of high ethical standards, unlike your former President.

I don't believe it's necessary to have a connection with a higher power, or a God, to be ethical. It's important to have a heartfelt belief in Her, but not to answer age-old questions of right and wrong.

The philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote "The Metaphysics of Morals" in 1797. This work, among others, gives valid arguments that one can be ethical using "Pure reason."

Kant's idea of "Universalizability" (if I can say that three times, quickly, I'm not intoxicated) is one principle of morality based on logic. If a principle is applied everywhere, and still holds up, it's ethical.

During my University of Washington days (GO DAWGS!), when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I worked at the Athletic Department, helping to manage events like football and basketball games. People asked to get in free, claiming to be too poor to afford a ticket. I always responded "If I let you in, I have to let everyone in."

"The greatest good for the greatest number" of people is another case of deductive ethics.

I am in no way criticizing your heartfelt belief in scripture and God. You merely define Her differently than I. Judging your beliefs would be unethical.

Most of what's expressed in scripture is common sense, anyway.

We can have morals without a higher power. What say you?

The Constitution is my scripture.

I cannot recommend UW too strongly. For the first time I looked inward and asked "What are my values?"


Constitution: Since you like logic so much I am officially changing your name to Mr. Spock. So Spock, answer me this. Since we all live like kings in America, where the even the homeless all have cell phones and we are the most educated, cultured, industrialized, wealthy types on earth, logic would dictate that we should be the most happy, agreeable, harmonized people yet it's reasonable to say that it wouldn't take much for a second American civil war. Every time you flick on the tv its one mass murder after another, rape, robberies, disasters. There is something wrong with the human race. Logically these things shouldn't be happening. But they are. If you use the 'greatest good for the greatest number' aren't you assuming you know what that greatest good is? The Nazis thought that too.

Judging in the negative sense means condemning someone as I understand it

But its OK to discern anothers beliefs, because after all one of us has got to be wrong. We cant all be right concerning God. BTW God is a spirit who is not a she or he. When God refers to himself as HE its called an anthropomorphism, He is coming down to our level so that we can understand.

i think we can have morals w/o a higher power but they are lousy morals. Aren't you assuming that man is the standard? If the constitution is your standard then the woke mob would condemn you as supporting rich, white patriarchal slave holders

and would have to eventually lead you to the gallows. They think it all has to be torn down. Kirk out.


Mr. Regan, here's a quote from

"Despite President Donald Trump’s repeated claims that the Obama administration separated immigrant children from their parents at the border the same way the Trump administration did, the facts remain unchanged: that’s not true.

Family separations under the Obama administration did happen, but immigration experts say they were relatively rare; under Trump’s administration they were the systematic result of a policy to prosecute all immigrants who crossed illegally into the United States." (Miriam Valverde)

From Merriam-Webster:

"Definition of baby

(1) : an extremely young child especially : infant

(2) : an extremely young animal”

A fetus is not a baby. I bring this up because you asked me show non-factual statements in your commentary.

You wrote:

“If science is settled about global warming, then what does science say about a woman who is pregnant? Is she carrying a human being or not? Why do we condemn innocent babies to death and then free guilty murderers?”

If we are ever going to solve these vexing issues, we must start with facts, not talking points from "conservative" cable “news.” You know of what I speak, which ironically was founded by an immigrant.

Please do not take this as impugning your character. I believe you're a man of strong moral fiber.

Beliefs are not facts. Look it up.


constitution: Regardless of our comments I wish to thank you for being gracious. I cant stand it when these discussions descend into naming calling and personal attacks. That being said I have to say politifact is not the final arbiter of the 'cages'. Pres. Obama was responsible for making the holding areas. You saw the videos of thousands of children with no parents marching North to the US. Its reasonable to locate parents and relatives. What kind of parents would send a young child away to be on their own? They have had no covid shots and are susceptible to rape, murder, exploitation. We cant just allow a 9 y/o to wander into the US.

About our much bigger matter i.e. Abortion. I see no point in going further. At what point in your mind does a baby materialize? Upon birth? There have been thousands of babies born at 5 mos that live. I notice in your past posts that you like to use Merriam Webster as your authority on all sorts of matters. May I point you to a higher authority, even higher than the Supreme Court? Its called the Word of God, aka the Holy Bible. These are matters that are in Gods realm not ours. I had to come down off my throne you should try it. otherwise we are no better than the Nazis, deciding certain classes of people are not worthy of life. Best of luck. Tom


Mr. Regan, your former President authorized family separation at the border. Babies and small children were torn, screaming, from their mother's arms and placed in cages, under unsanitary conditions. Hundreds of children are still separated from loved ones (source: Wikipedia). If that's pro-life, I'm Ronald Reagan.

Your ruler fought tooth and nail against Planned Parenthood, using a "gag rule." The bulk of PP's services revolve around contraception and prenatal counseling. His policies likely increased the number of abortions, and the chances of pregnancy complications, endangering mothers, fetuses and embryos.

Your President tried to abolish the Affordable Care Act, central features of which are zero-deductible contraceptives and prenatal care (source: "Wall St. Journal"). Thank the Lord John McCain stopped this barbaric act, and showed himself to be pro-life.

Here's the Merriam-Webster definition of fetus:

"an unborn or unhatched vertebrate especially after attaining the basic structural plan of its kind

specifically : a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth"

Here's embryo:

"an animal in the early stages of growth and differentiation that are characterized by cleavage, the laying down of fundamental tissues, and the formation of primitive organs and organ systems

especially : the developing human individual from the time of implantation to the end of the eighth week after conception"

It's factually false to refer to an embryo or a fetus as a 'baby' or a 'child.'

The first US patent for fracking was awarded in 1865 (source: It was hardly enabled by your ruler.

The recent explosion of fracking began about the time President Obama took office. During the Obama years US gas and oil production went up 35% and 80%, respectively (source: Forbes). Oil production continued to rise after your ruler took office, but then fell off a cliff, when oil prices fell, due to the Trump recession (source:

Ninety-three percent of Black Lives Matter protests have been "overwhelmingly peaceful" (source: Armed Conflict Location and Event Data project).

Your President committed an act of extreme violence by sending federal agents to Portland, who grabbed people from street corners, and hauled them away in unmarked vans (source: "Wall Street Journal"). The level of violence in Portland went up sharply, after federal thugs showed up.

That's all I have time for at the moment, but I'd be happy to continue at another time.


Those cages were put in place by Obama not Trump. Look it up. If you believe a human zygote or fetus is not a baby I see no sense in going forward. You are not facing the reality that is staring you plainly in the face. You make up this fantastic story because why? As far as that 7% of protests that were not peaceful they did a heck of a job in destroying American cities.


Mr. Regan, thanks for taking the time to submit your opinions. You've done this forum a service with your painfully clear illustration of what's wrong with our beloved republic.

Your biased, hackneyed editorial is so full of factually false statements, that space limitations don't allow refutation. Your disrespect for objective truth is sadly characteristic of your former President's cultish followers, who admittedly number in the tens of millions.

I don't subscribe to the idea that everyone's entitled to their opinions. No, you're not entitled to beliefs that are based on bald-faced lies. Promulgation of those beliefs has set back the cause of representative democracy by decades, and has irreparably damaged conservative values.

We need rational, reasonable conservatives to keep our elected representatives' feet on the ground.

Your ruler is out of office, and has been banned from all but fringe social media. He's free to lead his lap-dog party astray from traditional conservatism, but he can longer abuse elected office.


Dearest Constitution,

There are no space limitations, kindly refute my 'factually false statements' as you say. If you can. I'm on pins and needles waiting for your reply. Tom Regan

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