Letter to the Editor

Today is Sunday, usually a day of rest and quiet. 

Not so at our household these days. 

It seems that in our residential area a stump grinding industry has set up shop across the street from our home. This morning a 9-yard dump truck entered the property and started up operations. The noise from this operation is loud enough to vibrate certain rooms in our house. This has been going on most of the summer as they were clearing land and building roads and equipment being moved in. 

Now there is an asphalt road on the property that joins a small two-lane road, which when it rains allows the water to sheet and cross the road into the neighbor's property and eventually it will drain into the Lewis River. I'm not sure of the contaminants in this water but with the disregard for the neighbors and the environment it can't be good. 

This operation will start at 7 a.m. each day and end about the dinner hour. This last summer while we were trying to enjoy our outdoors they came back to make more noise after dinner. My wife is not well and confined to the house 99 percent of the time. This noise situation does not give her the peace a residential home normally would, no matter how loud the TV is turned up. Adding COVID-19 to the mix doesn’t make it any better either by staying home. 

We have contacted the county and so far nothing has been resolved. I'm not sure by writing this if it will do any good to post it to a newspaper, but it does get it off my chest at least temporarily.


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