Letter to the Editor

The cases of COVID-19 are out of control in many areas including Clark County. 

The virus can stay in the air for three hours or more. 

When we go out, we see folks walking the streets and sidewalks without wearing masks. A lot of folks go into stores with their nose exposed or take the mask off when they enter. I see folks put a mask on right before entering a store and taking it off right when they leave. 

These folks have no idea that the virus can stay in the air suspended for many hours or they might think twice about their actions. 

I have heard some politicians talk about how good the public is doing. That is simply not the truth. 

The bottom line is that a large portion of our citizens are not wearing masks effectively to keep themselves and others safe.


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W Roberts

I have not seen a single store actually enforce the mask mandate. I know some of them are but I have seen dozens of people over the last few weeks walk up to checkout with their nose or entire face exposed and no employee says anything. These people need to be asked to comply or removed from the establishment. It's ridiculous. I keep a minimum 20 feet away from anyone with their nose exposed. I don't want to kill my 95 year old asthmatic grandma who probably has a few years left in her if she doesn't catch COVID.

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