Laura Venneri

In this week’s paper Reflector reporter Jonathan Haukaas covered a story about the protesters that have been targeting local high schools, shouting their messages at the students and verbally attacking some.

I spoke to a few of the students that encountered the protesters but were not the target of the verbal attacks and was horrified to hear what took place. The aggressive, derogatory, condemning words that flew out of the protesters’ mouths were appalling. I believe they were completely out of line.

If the protesters really cared about the kids they would find a positive way to share their message and not attack. Kids today have enough pressure from their peers, social media, family situations and academics. Teenagers are trying to figure out who they are, how to navigate through their high school years to hopefully become a positive contributing citizen in our community. Yelling and screaming at them is not going to help anyone.

Be thankful

I hope that everyone can take a moment this Thanksgiving to list a few things they are thankful for. Sometimes it’s easier to think about all of the negative things in our lives and lose sight of the positives.

The staff at The Reflector is thankful for you, our reader. We appreciate your letters, emails and phone calls. We enjoy sharing stories with you and keeping our community connected and are thankful we get the opportunity to do so every week.

Thank you and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

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