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If I could talk to my state legislators, here’s what I’d say. Please, I beg you to unite with Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson to have our state join the move to ban assault weapons. In doing so, you honor the bipartisan action of presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan 25 years ago to promote public safety by banning assault weapons.  

They knew, as we all do, that such a ban would not end violence but is one easy step to get some of the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of those who would use them to terrorize our communities.

And do not respond with second amendment rights arguments as I am educated and know the intent of our forefathers was not that ordinary citizens have access to the military style weapons of today.  

This argument is illiterate and foolish.  

Also, I do not buy the alarmist argument that a ban on assault weapons leads to big brother taking our target shooting, hunting, or antique gun collections. 

Are NRA campaign contributions so important that legislators would continue to put their constituents at risk by refusing a reasonable request to ban ordinary citizens from having military style weapons?  


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I wont comply. I will continue to use firearms clearly protected under the In Common Use" standard as stated in the Heller decision. I will not side with colloberators to Tyranny. Anyone supporting Bob "Baghdad" Ferguson is an enemy to the State Constitution and the codified inalienable Rights prescribed in the original Bill of Rights. Politicians siding with Inslee or Ferguson are traitors to the Oath One and All.

Bob Larimer

Robert LaVoy Finicum was executed by state and federal authorities, without arrest or trial, on January 26, 2016.

Ruby Ridge, where government snipers killed a woman while she held her baby, and shot a boy and his dog to death.

Waco, where government officers burned alive women and children in order to 'protect' them from their religious leader.

The assassination of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom spokesman LaVoy Finicum, when FBI shooters stampeded him into a snowbank in Oregon, unarmed, and shot him to death as he held his arms up.

All illustrate the out-of-control actions that government agencies and authorities can and will descend to.

Whether one agrees with the beliefs and speech of groups or individuals, even those deemed to be on the fringe, American citizens should not be prey for their own government.

When we see what government is capable of, we would be foolish to knuckle under to anyone who demands that we keep backing up another step, surrendering the Second Amendment Freedoms that were designed to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

The evidence is clear: Our Founders understood what tyrants do, and crafted the Bill of Rights to prevent it.

Gun Control laws will only make us sheep to be slaughtered.

"On July 8, the jury finally completed its work. They voted to acquit Kevin Harris on all charges and Randy Weaver on all major charges. Weaver was convicted of failing to appear in court. On October 18, Judge Lodge sentenced Weaver to eighteen months in jail. Having served fourteen already, and with good behavior, the sentence meant he could be out by Christmas."

But his wife and son are still dead.


Lew Waters

Maybe it makes one feel good to cry out "Ban Assault Weapons," but it is only that, feel good.

If such an educated person would actually research it instead of blindly following other feel gooders they would find during the ten years of the last so called Assault Weapons Ban there were some 58 shootings at schools, to include Columbine High School.

As a Vietnam Veteran that was trained on and carried a military grade firearm in the Army, what I can obtain that is being called an Assault Weapon today is not, I repeat, not the same firearm the Army gave me to use, even though it may appear similar.

Lastly, at what point would you be willing to stand up and say there is enough gun control laws now, allowing people to still legally own a firearm?

Bob Larimer

Good comments, Lew.

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