Letter to the Editor

I believe the Battle Ground School Board should be commended for taking a courageous stance. After a strenuous effort by a group of educators to make the state-mandated trans re-education program in the name of “sex education” compatible to local parents, the board heard us parents and kicked the whole sick program out. 

The state mandated that if a school district has any sex education it must teach the whole poisonous ball of wax, gender confusion and all. Telling kids that the body God gave them might not be the right one is child abuse, and letting the truly confused and imbalanced write curriculum seems insane. 

One part of the rejected curriculum is teaching kids so-called “gender neutral” speaking habits. Perfectly normal, healthy words such as mom, dad, father, mother, male, female, mister, miss, his, him, he, her and she would be eliminated from America’s vocabulary to, supposedly, make less than 1 percent of our population more comfortable. 

The curricula presented itself as teaching “global values.” I would like one nation on earth named where two-gender vocabulary is not the norm. The rejected curricula may well have presented globalist, elitist values, but certainly not that of 99 percent of the world’s population. 

There have been many ideas presented as and even accepted as “science” which have later been rejected as dangerous junk science. 

I have no doubt that if any sanity prevails long in our universities and halls of science, all this teaching gender confusion as “science” will also end up on the junk heap of embarrassing history. 

We do not need to teach gender confusion to end bullying. We simply need to make it clear it is good, manly and feminine behavior to defend anyone from bullying, no matter who they are, that it is the right thing to do. 

I pray the Battle Ground school board remains courageous and vigilant. 

Will Matson

Battle Ground   

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