Many people seem to think that the teacher strike is hurting students. What no one seems to realize, though, is that while the strike is cutting into current class time, students will have to make up any number of days until they reach 180 days spent in school, as is mandated by law. I myself am a middle school student, and my parents and I believe that the teachers should get their full 19.7 percent raise. Think about some of the kids teachers have to put up with — the ones who end up in the principal’s office three times a week, or those that simply disrespect the teacher. You couldn’t pay some adults who criticize teachers to interact with those kids every day. And then there are those complaining about how teachers don’t deserve the money — they should try live on $50,000 a year. Moreover, most teachers have to buy many of their own school supplies, or else have lists of what parents should buy. Teachers deserve more money.

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