Battle Ground Police Chief Bob Richardson

In 2018, there were 458 reported vehicle collisions in the city of Battle Ground. 

We can all agree that is far too many. We can also agree to do something about it — individually, as a community and as law enforcement. 

Recently, the Battle Ground Police Department teamed up with the Washington State Patrol to conduct traffic enforcement along State Route 503 at Main and Eaton where data indicates a majority of these collisions occur. 

This kind of traffic enforcement is not possible without the state patrol because it takes resources and personnel that our department does not have — at least four officers and two motorcycles solely dedicated to the traffic enforcement at hand. 

Our regular, on-duty patrol officers focus on the department’s highest priority — immediate response to 911 calls. In 2018, our officers responded to 6,902 calls. When available, they also conduct traffic enforcement, typically in neighborhoods where they can do so as an individual officer and be ready to respond elsewhere as needed. 

Our Aug. 8 traffic enforcement with the state patrol received a great amount of support from the community. Thank you. We hope to continue these collaborative enforcements. In Battle Ground, traffic enforcement is the most commonly requested police service, and we need more resources to meet this need. Please continue to contact us with requests. We will respond to the best of our ability.

As Battle Ground grows, so do the challenges we face meeting public safety needs. We cannot improve or sustain current service levels without additional resources. 

I encourage you to learn more about annexation to Fire District 3. 

Annexing into the district, rather than the city contracting for fire and EMS services, means more revenue will be available for police services and sustained, excellent fire and emergency medical services. 

It is critical to protect emergency services in our community as it grows. 

Our goal, in partnership with the community, is to reduce collisions and the resulting human and economic cost. 

You play an important role. 

Please, drive with intention. Driver inattention and distractions are the No. 1 cause of collisions.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

Bob Richardson is chief of the Battle Ground Police Department. 

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