Letter to the Editor

The Battle Ground Education Association is proud to endorse Neil Butler for Battle Ground City Council, Position 3. In his endorsement interview, Mr. Butler demonstrated the ability to productively collaborate with relevant stakeholders in our community. His candidacy is focused on the quality of life issues that most affect the families we serve as educators in Battle Ground. His degree in public administration and professional experience serving on the City of Battle Ground Parks Advisory Board and Planning Committee have prepared him to be an effective Battle Ground City Council member on day one. Mr. Butler has four children currently attending the Battle Ground Public Schools and will be an important ally to have on Battle Ground City Council. He understands the impact City Council decisions can have on parent commute times, student enrollment, and the long-term financial stability of the Battle Ground Public Schools. To that end, once elected to office, we will continue to work with Mr. Butler to vote in favor of students and educators in the District. 

Mr. Butler’s opponent in this race, Shauna Walters, did not respond to our request for an endorsement interview, essentially ignoring the largest employer in the City of Battle Ground. The Battle Ground Education Association has deep concerns about her candidacy. She is not a supporter of public education. Her own child attends private school. She has signed a pledge to not support any future bonds or levies for the school district if it chooses to adopt Comprehensive Sex Education in any form. During the 2018 strike, she harassed our union president online, expecting immediate answers while our president was in the middle of endless contract negotiations. She received a $300 donation from Tyler Long, who organized a protest against teachers in 2018. She violated state campaign finance laws on multiple occasions, and only corrected it after a complaint was filed against her. Her close affiliation with Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer is disturbing and unwelcome. Shauna Walters does not have the temperament, values, or experience to be elected to a non-partisan office and entrusted to spend our tax dollars wisely.

Mr. Butler is the clear choice for Battle Ground City Council, Position 3. He has attracted a diverse coalition of support from across the political spectrum and will help maintain the non-partisan nature of city government during an increasingly divisive time. On November 5th, please vote for Neil Butler for Battle Ground City Council, Position 3.

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