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I am tired of paying and paying thousands of dollars in gas, property, sales, and vehicle taxes and getting hardly anything back and an inadequate response by local politicians. Our parks that we pay for are overrun with drug-induced vagrants, filled with feces, and scattered with drug paraphernalia. Our local neighborhood parks have become freebie campgrounds. Why should we pay to have them kept up, why should we volunteer to clean them, and why do we pay taxes for nothing but to have them trashed and our community become a dump? Shoplifting, break-ins, thefts, car prowls, public harassment, and public dumping are costing us millions. It is time laws were enforced, new ones written, and local politicians who were voted in to do their job of protecting taxpaying citizens. Vancouver has become a dumping ground for human refuse where local neighborhoods and businesses are suffering from inadequate government. We do not need another study on homelessness; we need to clean it up.

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No mention of Washington I-1648, or the deadline for this Saturday 6/29/19 to Stop the Power Grab Of The Career Politicians That already have a 3.5 Billion Surplus, and now increased taxes by 27.5 Billion. All these taxes can be changed to General Fund, even though they we’re touted to be Esrmarked for certain expenditures. Join me in getting these Petitions Signed during the Yelm Prairie Days Parade? Look to this article for 1st Amendment Right Intiative like this link : https://mynorthwest.com/1421358/tim-eyman-initiative-1648-traction/? .

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