Letter to the Editor

As a longtime community member, parent and working professional in Battle Ground who has had the pleasure of speaking at length with both candidates for City Council Position 3, I can say with complete confidence that Neil Butler is the best person for the job. 

Neil is a business manager, father of five children, has served on the city parks advisory board, and currently serves on the city planning commission. He is a person of faith and volunteers extensively — he has organized efforts to raise thousands of dollars for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association. 

Like most people who run for city council, both candidates are nice, friendly people who love our town. However, some key differences that I have observed between the two candidates for Position 3 include the following: 

Compared to his opponent, Neil is savvy, approachable, responsive, has considerable administrative experience and is a person of high integrity and maturity, with an orientation toward building relationships and a strong community. 

Neil is familiar with the issues and challenges affecting our city, and understands the purview and limitations of city council members in their defined role. He has a sharp business sense, and is a keen observer of personality dynamics. Neil is a collaborator, and will not let his personal views interfere with his ability to find solutions together with fellow council members for the common good. Neil is responsive to questions and concerns, and understands that critique of his actions and decisions are not criticisms of his person — this maturity is essential for an effective council member and community representative. Neil would not align himself with people or interests who would seek to sow discord and create division in our community as part of a larger political or theatrical agenda. He would not let any of his personal beliefs blind him to reports of harm to his fellow community members. Neil will represent what is best for our community as a whole, not just pander to special interests who might align with his own personal beliefs. Neil is a person of high integrity who understands that the only way that Battle Ground will survive the pressures of growth is if we do it together, and that having a small-town mindset doesn’t have to mean that we are small-minded.

Not only is Neil Butler the better candidate for City Council Position 3 — our great town would be very fortunate to have him.    

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