Individuals supporting a “Unity in Diversity” campaign stand with signs in front of Jefferson Davis Memorial Park, a private memorial to the Confederate president that has drawn ire for its symbolism associated with slavery.

One basic feature of real journalism you’re not likely to find in fly-by-night online operations of dubious origins is the habit of admitting when we’re wrong. 

Earlier this month, Reflector Reporter Cameron Kast wrote a fine story about a protest outside the Jefferson Davis Memorial in North Clark County. His story, which included photos, was accurate and well balanced with the perspectives of both supporters and detractors of the controversial memorial.

The headline, written by yours truly, fell short, however, indicating that the memorial — which is on private property — is in Ridgefield. 

While the monument might have a Ridgefield mailing address, it is not within the city limits. 

That’s a fact Ridgefield Mayor Don Stose would like to see noted far and wide. In a brief phone call last week, Stose said he has at times been inundated by people contacting him about the confederate memorial and asking why the city would allow space for it. 

In short, the city has nothing to do with it at all. 

From Kast’s story: “The monument sits on private property owned and operated by the Pacific Northwest chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Past commander of the chapter, John Sigmon, sits on the board that owns the property. Sigmon, who has spent time in this chapter for about 20 years, said the monument is important for preserving and allowing people to learn about American history. He likened the monument to a piece in a museum.”

Whether you support or resent the memorial, just know your feelings should not be directed to the City of Ridgefield. 


Eric Schwartz is regional executive editor for Lafromboise Communications and can be reached at eric@thereflector.com.

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