Letter to the Editor

This is Biden’s view of America being back.

We are back to being last in the world forum.  

Higher gasoline prices and energy are back.

Open borders are back, and now drugs, illegal crossings have increased.

Jobs are going back overseas.

Neverending wars are back. Fighting will continue in Afghanistan and increase in Syria.

Iran is back making nuclear warheads.

Cancel culture is back.

Bigger government programs are back.

Higher cost of living will be back. 

Spending more money than the government takes in is back.

Political correctness is back. 

Unions are back controlling policies.

China is back buying off and controlling politicians.

How does this help American be strong?

This makes America last instead of being back. 

I would like to see America first.

We the people should have less government, freedom of speech and keep our second and 10th amendments.

We the people see all people in the USA as Americans not divided by race or cancel culture. 

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(2) comments


Mr. Kissee, you're crying Trump tears.

Face it: your master got his rear end kicked in the election. The people have spoken. It's time to move on.

Our new leader has flaws, but he's the President. Respect the office. Give him a chance.


Yes, "Give him a chance." As Progressives - and the entire MSM and Democratic Socialists party - so graciously gave Trump a chance the past four years...after all, it was only two impeachments and a continual 24/7/365 barrage of negativity.

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