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The letters for the methanol plant have offered this:  The methanol plant is good because this Kalama plant producing it will take a lot less energy and create it cleaner than other methods if it was not made in Kalama.  Let’s get real.  In regards to global warming, it is like saying we’re going to have a giant California forest fire but we won’t start it with gasoline.  And we get some temporary local jobs so the rest of the world can burn.

Also, if Jay Inslee is really serious about running for president as an ecologist worried about global climate change, is he going to brag about letting the largest methanol producing plant in the world that is supplied by pipelined fracked gas be built in his home state of Washington?

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Excellent points. Economics of methanol as a commodity have changed since 2014; coal won't be displaced; oil is now cheapest for producing plastics. It is not possible to predict markets (or politics) over the next 40 years.The Chinese executives of the parent company, like Mr. Woo, state that the methanol would be also used as fuel additive which increases the fuel greenhouse gas potency.
Do we want the First Bank of China to make a loan of billions to a port on our coast with an enormous dock when China controls the demand and therefore the risk/profitability of the project? China lends more internationally than the World Bank. We should look to places where such loans have defaulted like Kenya to see if we want that kind of control over 100 acres on our coast.

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