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Well, here we go again. A public hearing held in Longview to discuss the proposed methanol plant in Kalama was extremely non-productive. A lottery was created, as a way to keep it fair due to the number of individuals who wanted to speak on the record concerning the project. Although a great idea, it was an epic failure!

I stood in line and registered early, only to wait five hours in hopes that my name would be called so I could speak in favor of the proposed project. My name was never called, mainly because of the large number of individuals who opposed the project attending the meeting. Those in opposition were mainly from outside the area. Where is the fairness? There should have been two buckets of names, one for the project, and one against, those names should have been pulled in an alternating fashion.

Also, the SEIS decision should be based on data and facts not the number of people that one side can bus in from all over at least two states.

I listened to five hours of testimony, and for the most part the testimony against the proposal was from non-residents and environmental groups. It was emotional and not data/scientific based. NW Innovation Works has received all the permits they have applied for so far from Washington regulators, using facts and scientific data to make sure the permits conformed to Washington’s strict environmental laws. 

Also, there is no single project in Washington state that would do more to reduce greenhouse gases. It accomplishes this by replacing coal with methanol made from natural gas in China, and this makes progress on fighting climate change. Also, they are implementing zero liquid discharge, which means not a single drop of water will be released into the river, which is huge. 

Let NW Innovation Works build the plant, so jobs can be created, and our area can generate some revenue. Also, the sooner the plant is constructed, the sooner greenhouse gases can stop needlessly entering our atmosphere. 

The fact we are still talking about whether to allow this project after four years is completely unreasonable. We need to look at the scientific facts, this project is on point with environmental safeguards.

Let’s get behind it and get this project built!

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The refinery should not be built. The writer is mistaken about several points. Yes, the hearing was poorly administered and the line was long and took about 45 minutes to get in and my name was never called either. The hearing was only 3 hours, so you did not listen to 5 hours of testimony. There were no buses of outsiders. it was not fair those against the refinery were not told that the first 10 minutes of each hour were given to elected officials and that most were asked to be there by those for the refinery. There was much more reliable data provided by those against. A Chinese official of the parent company states the methanol would also be used as a fuel additive making the fuel much worse for global warming.The Washington Board of Ecology agrees that burning the methanol must be considered. It is unlikely that coal burning facilities in China will be displaced. This project would consume about 1/3 of LNG (mostly fracked and leaking from pipelines along the way) used by Washington. The figures and data used by NWIW are far from those found by most studies. The refinery would be an environmental disaster.


How about the natural gas come from the US? We have more than we know what to do with it. Why buy the gas from China?


To my understanding the natural gas will be coming from Canada and the United States. The pipeline will be running through Washington State, with some collateral damage, such as a Cemetary. The Cemetary will have to be relocated. Meaning the bodies of local families will of course, have to be dug up, relocated (where to?) They chose and paid to be buried there. That was obviously their dying wishes to be layed to rest. I would never allow my deceased loved ones or myself EVER to be disturbed or dug up andmoved after being buried. Especially, for some Corporation to put a pipeline through it. How disrespectful to them. We need to to get our American ethics and morals back to what is right. The Corporations need to go around us, not move us out of their way. Now, the writer of the article who is PRO-Chinese, PRO-Corporations, and apparent to me has something to gain (That would be money or greed if you prefer). Yes it would create SHORT TERM construction jobs. The METH PLANT when operating, realistically wouldn't employ all or even a few local residents. Being a Chinese (communist) owned Plant, it would most likely be operated by Chinese workers. That would bring a influx of Chinese (communist) citizens into the United States and paying Chinese workers who intel, would circulate the money back into China. Let's be honest,
We don't like China and China doesn't like us. They are a Communist country, they have the exact opposite beliefs that ours has.
The writer says that this plant will cut down on burning coal which will reduce greenhouse emissions. Sure it will. But that's China's problem not ours! Nice spin. Oh and don't forget he/she claims "not a drop" of liquid will be dumped into the river. Spin #2. Ok, so they turn the water into steam and release it out of the smokestacks into the air we breathe. Which In turn rains down back into the river. Disturbing the ecosystem of the river.
Now the river. The Columbia River does not need more ships coming from China or any other enemy countries filling up with Chinese METHanol that the Chinese can sell from their plant to do for who knows what reasons. Just because they say it's to produce plastic now, does not mean that is what it will be used for. Why would we participate in disrupting our Greatest Natural Resource in the Pacific Northwest for a Chinese METHanol Plant to produce plastic to sell back to this country, only to be disposed of in our (US) landfills? You do know that China has stopped buying our plastic from us. Let's get this real straight. We put gas pipelines under our communities, move our sacred grounds, disturb our most beautiful Natural Resource so we can help them reduce their archaic coal burning ways, so they can sell us plastic that we will dump into our country, polluting our land so China can say they contributed to reducing the greenhouse effects, while making huge profits and pushing farther away from the USA in Manufacturing. Military and Space.

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