Letter to the Editor

Seventeen-year-old Josh Allison wrote a heartfelt letter to The Reflector describing his disillusionment with America.  

I would encourage him to look forward.  

We are coming out of a four-year period of upheaval caused by an arrogant man intent on destroying our democratic system and installing fear. Trump told us not to trust the media, scientists, science, colleges, courts, other countries, all government agencies, public schools and anyone who disagreed with him, saying only he could save us. That is the language of a dictator. We were left with a meaner, and less safe, country.

He entered politics on the lie that President Obama wasn’t born in America. Hearing that, racists sat up straight and correctly decided he was their boy.  White supremacists, and other hate groups, piled on the Trump Train. Evangelicals have twisted themselves into pretzels convincing themselves that a vindictive dishonest businessman, and habitual liar, was sent by God.  

TV evangelists have fanned that flame, afraid that losing Trump might mean that someone might finally look at their tax free lifestyles with their jets and mansions.  

They looked the other way when the Trump administration took 6,000 children away from their parents at the southern border and shipped them all over the country. Six-hundred children are still lost. The youngest was a 4-month-old nursing baby. FOX News looked the other way and said COVID-19 was a Democratic hoax, and now almost 500,000 have died. History will be a harsh judge.

Trump said Democrats want to get rid of the police. What a dumb idea. What Democrats want is for the police to rid themselves of racist cops and the courts to disregard color when sentencing.  Josh should be encouraged that last summer Black Lives Matter marches were attended by millions of people of all colors, mostly young, but many older people who realize that in order to have a country “with justice for all” we better stop discriminating against people based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.  

The Trump administration consisted mainly of old rich white guys, in no way reflecting the face of America. Things are changing Josh, and remember Biden won in a fair election by almost 8 million votes. Change is hard, but eventually, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”


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Well written Josh. I love to see political engagement from our young, new voters. As time passes, you might get jaded about politics. But remember, if you have core values, and you know why you have them, you won't be swayed by either of the big parties. Vote on those values, not the parties. Then, no matter who is in office, you will stay strong and steady in those values, and you will see politics with clear eyes.

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