Letter to the Editor

The Reflector’s June 19 front-page article “Activists call for Trump Impeachment” was long on drama and impotent huffing, but short on specific charges that rise to the level of treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors.

Citing the Mueller Report — which, after a two-and-half-year investigation and over $30 million in expenses paid by taxpayers, found no Trump collusion or actionable obstruction charges — might not have been the smartest of activists’ objections. 

I was also left to ponder whether Donald Trump should have been forced to shut down all his hotels and other holdings in order to avoid allowing foreigners to spend their money there.

But I have to ask: what crimes has the President committed?

Did he collude with Russians and foreign spies to influence the 2016 election, concoct a DNC-financed “dossier” of un-verified, salacious claims against an opposing candidate? 

Did he destroy subpoenaed documents, wipe his illegal personal computer server, destroy e-mails and devices like laptops, cell phones, thumb drives and Blackberries? 

Did he compel pay-to-play bribes from foreign governments to enrich a “charitable foundation” and spend the money for his personal use?

Did he instruct his household maid (no government position or security clearance) to fax and emailclassified government documents to other parties from an un-secure computer? 

Did he have his spouse meet on a plane privately with an Attorney General who the following day authorized the FBI to “clear” the presidential candidate’s spouse of federal lawbreaking?

No, that was Hillary Clinton.

Well then, did Trump’s administration use heads of top Intelligence Agencies to spy on American citizens, wiretap a candidate’s campaign headquarters and personal offices, give preferential treatment to a special candidate who was under federal investigation, use the State Department to communicate and receive “evidence” of wrongdoing from foreign spies, submit unverified documents obtained from campaign opposition research to a FISA Court (five times) in order to spy on private American citizens, pass classified information to media in order to harm an opposing campaign, and then again to harm a new president at the beginning of his term?

No, that was the Obama administration that committed those acts.

It would be healthier, less divisive and more mature for the disgruntled activists featured in The Reflector article to simply admit that they just don’t like President Trump and that they just wish he would go away.

While their breathless antics and protests are entertaining, they need to understand that in America, we do not impeach a President because he had the insensitivity and audacity to win his election.

They should also know that I have personally submitted an updated campaign slogan to the 2020 Trump campaign for consideration: “Make Liberals Cry Again.” 

You see, I am an “activist” too!

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Bob Larimer

It should surprise no one that Google, Big Social Media seek to use power to alter our Presidential Election. Oppressive power is the heart and soul of elitism. When unrestrained power is available, despotic actors use it. Recall FBI Counterintelligence Chief Strzok's efforts to block the election of Donald Trump. Totalitarianism is Real. We fought a Revolution to escape it and create Self-Government. Now would-be tyrants must be defeated again. The Trump administration is aware of and taking measures to halt Google's manipulation of America's Vote. https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/06/24/insider-blows-whistle-exec-reveals-google-plan-to-prevent-trump-situation-in-2020-on-hidden-cam/

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