Letter to the Editor

Voting for Democrats in Washington state is all about raising taxes. 

Take a look at your new voter pamphlets. The Democrat-controlled house and Senate passed 11 bills to raise your taxes without a vote of the people. 

We have a chance to repeal these taxes as it says in the voters pamphlet, but the truth is we have appealed other tax bills in the past and our legislatures never followed through with the will of the people. 

We can appeal these tax bills that will burden hard-working citizens of this state, but in reality our legislature will only take it as a suggestion. All they care about is lining their pockets and those of lobbyists with our hard-earned tax dollars. 

We need to let our lawmakers know when we repeal a tax bill it means we don’t want to be taxed. 

They are not supposed to raise our taxes without a vote of the people. That’s why we’re voting to appeal. But our lawmakers do not care about our vote and will not repeal our taxes. Let them know we have had enough. 

Does our vote mean anything? 

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