Letter to the Editor

I want to give a shoutout to all those who are pitching in to help many during this time of trouble.  New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife Brittany have recently donated $5 million to coronavirus relief in Louisiana.  

The clog footwear company Crocs announced they’re launching a program that will give one free pair — up to 10,000 shoes per day — to every healthcare worker who works the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Dr. Jim Withers from Pittsburgh and his street medicine team are screening Pittsburgh's homeless, and right here locally the Woodland High School is letting truckers use their showers and parking lot to our hard working truckers that keep all of our supplies flowing.  

I know there are so many more that are making a difference. There will always be those that are part of a solution rather than those becoming part of the problem. 

This isn’t the first time America was struck by a virus that caused panic in our nation. 

Probably many don’t remember the virus disease polio. It tragically caused much suffering and death, especially on young children. My own mother suffered from this disease in the early 1950s.  

Many because of fear stayed in their homes a lot like today.  

We didn’t have the technology and resources that we have today, but America beat this horrible disease just like we will beat this one. Our researchers are working 24/7 to eradicate this virus. If all of us stay the course and fight the good fight, we will finish the race standing up. I encourage all of us to be the solution and stop finger-pointing and support everyone's efforts at this time. Since Easter was last weekend it would be a good time to reflect on the important things like our family and friends, and God. May we continue to pray and support one another.

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