Sen. Lynda Wilson, R-17

Washington State Sen. Lynda Wilson has recently been appointed to a legislative committee that makes recommendations on veterans and military issues, the Senate Republican Caucus announced earlier this month.

The announcement noted that Wilson, R-Vancouver, was the daughter of a U.S. Air Force veteran.

“While I’ve appreciated being able to introduce and co-sponsor many pieces of legislation related to our veterans and active-duty military, this committee looks like the place where I can dig deeper into specific needs and concerns and have those ground-floor discussions that lead to solutions,”Wilson stated in the release. Her appointment by the lieutenant governor came in late October.

Eight Republicans and eight Democrats comprise the joint committee, half from the House and half from the Senate, the announcement noted. The committee is a result of a 2001 law and meets at least three times annually. 

Wilson’s appointment came at the request of Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler following the retirement of former Sen. Barbara Bailey, R-Oak Harbor.

 The announcement noted Wilson was recently involved in assembling back-to-school backpacks for children of deployed Clark County residents and welcoming a new National Guard unit to its Vancouver home. She said she didn’t expect the opportunity to come along when it did – but volunteering to serve was an easy choice.

“I look at the other names on the committee and see veterans, and others who come from military families or represent communities that have a strong military presence. It’ll be nice to work with people who feel a similar kinship with the military and veterans – and there’s a lot of work to do,” Wilson stated in the announcement.

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