At a regular board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 13, Ridgefield School District officials recognized the October Employee and Students of the Month. 


Roz Anderson

Roz Anderson, registrar and past attendance secretary at Ridgefield High School, is the October Employee of the Month. A news release from the district described Anderson as “detail-oriented” and someone who always makes sure the job is done correctly. When she worked as the attendance secretary at Ridgefield High School, Anderson “made the changes necessary to better track student attendance.” 


Haley Heath

The Student of the Month for Ridgefield’s Early Learning Center is Haley Heath. Haley, who recently turned four, has shown a high level of resiliency about coming back to school. Within the first couple of days, she became familiar with the routines and picked up right where she left off last spring. Even with all the changes, she has risen above expectations and is the first to support and empathize with her peers and check on them as well as gently reminding her friends to wear their masks. 


Kenslee Bushnell

Kenslee Bushnell, a second grader, was selected as South Ridge Elementary’s Student of the Month. Kenslee is excited and ready to learn each and every morning, even if it’s virtual. She’s an active participant that constantly raises her hand to answer questions and ask critical thinking questions. Coupling participation with her gusto to ask for additional practice work during independent learning time continues to prove that Kenslee is a student that challenges herself. 


Sloan McTighe

First grader Sloan McTighe is the Student of the Month at Union Ridge Elementary School. Sloan meets her class every day with a smile and good morning to her friends and brings positive energy for her peers and teacher. Sloan looks at all things with a “sunny disposition” and seeks out the best in people. She faces the challenges of distance learning with the same cheerful disposition that she uses to greet her peers and is determined to learn. 


Ella Burke

Ella Burke, a sixth grader, is  the Student of the Month for Sunset Ridge Intermediate School. Ella has stayed positive and engaged during online lesson, participated and worked well with her peers and completed assignments on time. Ella has also shown incredible character as she has been doing her part and giving back to the community by helping families and horses displaced by the recent wildfires. 


Dennis Antonov

Dennis Antonov, a seventh grader, is the Student of the Month for View Ridge Middle School. Dennis communicates respectfully with teachers and takes responsibility for his learning and classroom tasks and finds ways to complete them even when faced with technical difficulties. He works hard in “student support time” as well as in live class discussions as well as always showing up on time for his classes. When working in small groups, he doesn’t shy away from including others. 


Lydia Jackson

Senior Lydia Jackson is the October Student of the Month at Ridgefield High School. Lydia is described by her teachers as a “student who just grinds through her work” and a student who “literally defines the 3R’s (Respect, Responsibility and Resilience).” After high school, Lydia plans to become a flight attendant and wants to open a photography studio to pursue her passion in photography.

“She is an extremely hard worker and has faced many challenges. She is not a straight-A student but always gives it 110 percent. She does not let anything get her down and will keep pushing through no matter what. She self-advocates, tries her best, and is always respectful and kind to teachers and other students,” the news release said. 

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