The celebration of Territorial Days at Amboy Territorial Park last weekend brought in visitors from all over the area. Whether they just came to watch, or they came to compete in the log show, smiles abounded. 

Father and son

Father and son Denton Clarke and Dan Clarke blaze through a log during the Log Show at the 2019 Amboy Territorial Days July 13. Territorial Days took place over the weekend of July 12 to 14 and brought hundreds of visitors to the area. 

At the log show, among other things, participants threw axes, raced their chainsaws through cutting giant logs and raced to the tops of vertically mounted logs.

Throughout the whole weekend, spectators visited vendors,  perused food carts, sipped brews at a beer garden, socialized with reptiles and burned off their sugar rushes in bouncy houses.  

On Saturday morning, there was a Parade from the Amboy Middle School to the park; a silent auction and photography show started at 11 a.m. 


(Right to left) Harlee Wells from Yacolt and Jonah Kaser from Amboy participate in a game of chicken at the Bouncin Bins for Territorial Days in Amboy July 13. 

On Sunday, people were able to enjoy the Ring of Fire Fun Run, a 5k and 10k race. At 11 a.m. the Amboy Baptist Church took over the Olstead Stage to offer a free service, before the infamous Lawn Mower Races at 1 p.m. 


Jeri Martinez from “Portland Axe Throwing” checks her form before releasing the ax. She scored a bullseye at the Amboy Territorial Days Log Show. She has been throwing axes for about two years now. 


Charlie Swift of Yacolt enjoys the show and cheers from the audience July 13. 


Car-engine Chainsaw creator Scott Mackenzie works on his chainsaw “Tree Huggers Nightmare” while at the Amboy Territorial Days Log Show July 13. His chainsaw is constructed from a car engine and is so heavy it requires two people to lift it.


Right: Amboy’s own Aaron Brown cuts through a log at the Amboy Territorial Days Log Show July 13.


Dan Huizenga from Buckly runs with his 66-modified chainsaw during the log cutting race at the Amboy Territorial Days Log Show July 13. 


Beverly Frick from Carbonado moves quickly during the log cutting race to make it to the next log. This is Ficks 5th year in the event, in her 1st year she won 4th place against all men. 


Ben Clark focuses on cutting through a log during the double bucking log cutting event July 13. He traveled from Carlton, Oregon to participate in the Amboy Territorial Days Log Show.

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