Fun at Kane

From left, Zorro, Duke and Temperance partake in a game of chase at Kane Memorial Dog Park earlier this year

Following an Oct. 22 meeting, local dog park nonprofit DOGPAW has job openings to fill if the organization is to continue on a steady course. 

According to board members, jobs focused on animal welfare, fundraising, membership administration and park operations are expected to be available, along with the opening of a vice-president position. 

“DOGPAW needs skilled and committed volunteer board members to step up and share the work of keeping Clark County’s off-leash dog parks running smoothly,” Board President Eileen Cervantes told park users and members at the Oct. 22 meeting. “Most important, we expect the parks to remain open.”

DOGPAW currently maintains four off-leash dog parks in Clark County, including the Lucky Memorial Park located at 10100 NE 149th St. in Brush Prairie. Lucky Memorial Park features 7 and a half acres of flat open fields with space to run, jump and fetch. The park has double-gated entries, benches and a seasonal water spigot, all maintained by DOGPAW.

The resignations of two board members left the organization with big shoes to fill as many of the sitting members are putting extra hours into the organization.

 “I’m putting in 50 to 60 hours a week on DOGPAW,” Cervantes said in a press release. “I cannot continue to do this. Burnout is real.” 

With enough help from volunteer leaders, DOGPAW director duties should involve about five to 10 hours of work a week. The board hopes volunteers can commit to at least a year of service. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at DOGPAW, visit or send an email to

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