Young Life organization looks to expand offerings in Battle Ground


Anthony Munoz is leading the charge to bring a youth outreach program called Young Life to Battle Ground. While the organization has already held events in the area, Munoz hopes to expand the program so they can help more youth in the area. 

To share information on Young Life, Munoz will hold two community interest meetings in March.

The first hour-long meeting will start at 7 p.m. on March 22 at Dev’s Coffee at 316 E. Main St. in Battle Ground. It will be followed by another hour-long meeting at 7 p.m. on March 23 at the Battle Ground Community Center at 912 E. Main St.

Munoz was introduced to the Young Life community when he was in high school. He received a much needed pair of shoes from a leader in the group who took Munoz under their wing.

Munoz hopes similar kinds of meaningful experiences can be brought to teens in the greater Battle Ground area.

“I want caring adults to tell (the kids) that they are worth something and that there is hope,” he said.

Munoz said he came from a broken home and his parents were separated. The family didn’t sit at the table together for meals. When his mentor from the Young Life community befriended him, it had a real impact on Munoz.

“To have someone tell me it’s OK or if I’m having issues for me to be able to reach out and to work through those things with a caring adult was huge in my life,” he said.

The meetings will include a question and answer session along with information on what Battle Ground Young Life will provide for the youth in the community.

Munoz said the Christian organization is based on building friendships. The clubs he hopes to expand upon will be separated into four groups for middle school students, high schoolers, teen moms and those with special needs. At the clubs, Munoz added the attendees will have a lot of fun as the groups sing songs, play games and build meaningful relationships.

“Hopefully, it will be non-stop chaos,” Munoz said. “Young Life calls it ‘party with a purpose.’ But essentially we invite everybody, regardless of where they’re at, regardless of who they are, regardless of their sex, gender, whatever. It doesn’t matter because they’re invited to this party.”

Week-long camps will be available during the summer with gourmet meals and fun activities, Munoz said.

Munoz said Battle Ground Young Life does not have a set location to operate out of. A few community members have reached out to offer a space for the club, Munoz said.

“I would really like a place where everybody feels welcome. Sometimes these kids don’t feel welcome in church buildings,” Munoz said. “They have been told that’s a place where they feel judged or their parents would tell them, ‘no don’t go there, that’s a place where they’re not going to like you because you’re a certain way.’ I want a place where everyone feels welcome.”

To find out more information about Battle Ground Young Life, visit The website features contact information and forms for those who would like to get involved in the group.