Students at Union Ridge participate in activity centered on kindness


Students at Union Ridge Elementary School recently helped solve an unusual mystery as Principal Angie Gaub told the school she needed help to identify a person who left an old book in her office.

“The Principals’ Book of Secrets” was filled with facts and included a handwritten note that said “treasure of incalculable value was hidden somewhere in the school, guarded by puzzles and traps since 2013,” stated a news release from the Ridgefield School District.

The students worked to follow the clues and solve puzzles in search of the treasure.

The first mission included finding 12 hidden gems around the school, which were each adorned with a letter. Once they found the hidden gems, the students rearranged the letters to display the words “show kindness.”

Afterwards, another clue came when the students found a scroll that asked students to take on a new mission by creating posters of appreciation for the staff at Union Ridge Elementary School. 

“Students eagerly signed and colored many posters of thanks to display all over the school, thanking everyone from the PTO to librarians, from cafeteria staff to custodians,” stated the release. 

The next day, the students created postcards of appreciation for veterans for the school’s upcoming ceremony on Veterans Day. They were also asked to “to create their own acts of kindness beyond the walls of Union Ridge.” 

As each mission was completed, winning classes received prizes like extra time at recess or a popcorn party.