Staying fit while social distancing


With community gyms being closed due to COVID-19 limits imposed by the state government, staying fit and healthy may seem like an impossibility. However, even though you can’t lift barbells or take a jog on the treadmill at the gym, your physical fitness shouldn’t suffer. There are still plenty of options to get the blood flowing while maintaining “social isolation.”

Ride your bike around the neighborhood

As a kid, many of us rode bikes to move the day along and hang out with our friends, all while getting a good workout in. Riding bikes around the neighborhood offers a way to get out but not go far for those with “cabin fever.” Bike riding gets the blood moving and provides a cardio workout all while staying at least 6 feet away from those around the area. 

Living Room workouts

Many gym workouts can be done in the safety of your house or apartment. Start with a few stretches while listening to your favorite workout music or podcasts. Move on to pushups, sit-ups and planking to get your core in action. Make sure you work out all different parts of your body and take a rest when it’s needed. A good routine to use is 30 pushups, 30 situps and 30 squats with rests in between. After this, explore your apartment for different options and think outside of the box. Elevate your pushups by pushing against the counter or table, use bottles of wine as barbells or try lifting one end of your couch off the floor. Personally, I’ve used my heaviest cast iron pan as a weight at home. Nearly anything in your home can be used to keep you fit while maintaining your distance from others. The side of your couch can be used as an anchor point for tricep workouts.


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