Second Amendment rally planned for Woodland


Opposition to I-1639 will be on display in Woodland Saturday, Feb. 23, as several gun-advocacy groups plan to host a Second Amendment rally at Horseshoe Lake Park. According to flyers being passed out around Clark County earlier and an event page on Facebook, Vancouver-based Patriot Prayer, the Washington Three Percenters, and Washougal-based Limitless America are hosting the event slated for the park community building from noon to 2 p.m.

In the leadup to the vote on I-1639 last year, Patriot Prayer had organized several rallies in opposition to the measure including ones in Clark County. Previous to the focus on Washington gun laws, the group had been involved with demonstrations in places like Portland which often brought counter-protests where confrontations led to violence.

The I-1639 and broader Second Amendment rallies in Washington put on by the group have had less, if any violence, though police presence was generally heightened.

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