Letter to the editor: SB 1084 would decrease energy demand, greenhouse gas production


Recently, The Reflector ran an opinion article with statements which I find incorrect or misleading. For example, in regards to Senate Bill 1084, the opinion piece states “Prohibiting natural gas is expensive for home and building owners, many of whom installed…” SB 1084 would eliminate on-site fossil fuel combustion for space heating and water heating in new construction in order to reduce climate impacts. Buildings account for almost 40% of the United State’s CO2 emissions. SB 1084 would only affect new construction, not already installed equipment. But most important, heat pumps benefit both the environment and occupants. Home guide.com provides comparisons and concludes, “Heat pumps lower electricity bills by $300 to $1,500 annually, saving 30-70% on energy costs. Heat pumps are two to three times more efficient than furnaces, and pay themselves back in energy savings within five to 12 years.” Heat pumps are inexpensive to run, repairs are cheaper and they typically last longer than methane (natural gas) furnaces. Heat pumps have no threat of methane leaks, explosions or carbon monoxide. For those wanting air conditioning, heat pumps cost less. For those who do not want air conditioning, any additional initial cost is small, especially when part of the home construction cost, thus leveraged with the home loan. SB 1084 would decrease energy demand and greenhouse gas production while slowing the increase in climate disasters. SB 1084 would provide savings for businesses, renters and homeowners.

Kristin Edmark, 

Battle Ground