Ridgefield School District honors its March employee, students of the month


Ridgefield School District officials recognized its March employee and students of the month at the regular board of directors meeting on March 14.

Kristen Sullens, a kindergarten teacher at Union Ridge Elementary, was selected as the employee of the month. A news release stated Sullens dedicates her time and talent to her students and school, as she “positively inspires and encourages peers, students and admin on a daily basis.” Sullens hosts a writer’s workshop and spends many hours preparing and teaching it. She believes that any child has the ability to “learn and grow, no matter the challenges,” stated the release.

Oliver Schuh, a pre-kindergartener, was selected as the student of the month at the Early Learning Center. Schuh is said to have had a great impact in his short amount of time at the center. The release states he has an “infectious smile that lights up the room.” Despite being new, everyone in the Early Learning Center knows Schuh, stated the release. He is described as a good runner, who oftentimes challenges people to a race in the gym or during recess. “Ollie has been such a joy to have in the ELC and we are excited to see how much he grows.”

Addison Green, a fourth grader, was honored as the student of the month at South Ridge Elementary School. Green “truly exemplifies the 3 Rs here at South Ridge,” the release stated. Green is described as a responsible student, who always takes her time to ensure her school work reflects her efforts. Green has a positive attitude toward her classroom and school. “She is truly a kind hearted, compassionate young lady.”

Amelia Myers, a fourth grader, was selected as the student of the month at Union Ridge Elementary School. Myers is said to show up every day with a positive attitude and a willingness to help others. She does her best with her school work, but also “helps anyone who is struggling,” stated the release. As a recent example of her caring spirit, the release stated “Amelia asked her teacher that another student in the class be chosen for a prize because they had worked so hard on their math.”

Joshua Neil, a sixth grader, was picked as the student of the month at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School. Neil is described as someone who is ready to learn and provides great participation in class. “His positive attitude, selfless acts, compassion for others and kind heart shines bright,” the release stated. As a responsible student, Neil puts forth his best efforts to succeed in his academics. “His respectful attitude, amiable demeanor, and responsible behavior make Josh the perfect Coyote for student of the month at Sunset Ridge Intermediate.”

Dameyan Innabi, a sixth grader, was selected as the student of the month at Wisdom Ridge Academy. Innabi, who has a severe heart condition that leaves him vulnerable to infectious diseases, is described as a hard worker. Innabi is said to be an inspiration to those around him. The release stated Innabi uses a beautiful singing voice to support his literacy skills.

Lillian Edgren, a seventh grader, was selected as the student of the month at View Ridge Middle School. “Lilly’s math teacher, Kris Call, said ‘Lilly is the most polite, courteous and hardest working student in class. She is always smiling. … I truly wish all students had her persistence and ability to work with others,’” stated the release. Edgren is described to be the true spirit of the View Ridge Herons as she positively impacts her peers and fully engages with her education.

Benjamin Cooke, a ninth grader, was selected as the student of the month at Ridgefield High School. Cooke is said to define the meaning of being responsible. “He is self-disciplined, accountable and always does his best,” stated the release. Cooke currently has a 355-day streak on Duolingo, which is offered in his Spanish class. Once Cooke graduates from high school, he hopes to engage in a career in computer programming or video game development. “You will probably also catch him adding to his ever-growing collection of rocks, Hot Wheels and rubber ducks,” stated the release.